April 29, 2014

Why We're Pioneering Functional & Stylish Gel Mattresses A Nod To Our Favorite Designer Brands

It’s not enough for us to make life more comfortable. We want to surround you in beauty as well. With our gel mattresses, pillows and seat cushions, you look good; and you’ll feel better too. That’s what happens when you have a founder like Massimo Losio, an Italian who grew up with a deep appreciation for art and design. 

We’re constantly inspired by brands that marry aesthetic appeal and ergonomic utility. If you’re a design enthusiast who demands style and function in every piece, from furniture focal points down to the mattress beneath your sheets, you adore these brands too.

Companies like Jawbone that delivers wearable technology and audio devices that are sleek, sophisticated and easy to use. Its UP band is a perfect example. This wristband empowers users to improve their health and wellness with movement and sleep tracking components. And it does so beautifully, thanks to the brilliant designer Yves Behar. Influenced by an East German mother who was “functional and modernist” and a Turkish father who was “expressive and poetic,” Behar says, “I always try to marry the two in my projects.” Working with designers like Behar is just one way that Jawbone demonstrates its commitment to “amplifying life” – making it seamlessly easier and more enjoyable. The company also continually engages its community with supplementary apps, data analysis and sharing tools. This is the kind of company Technogel really identifies with. And, as it turns out, we share more than a similar philosophy. Jawbone recently acquired BodyMedia, another health and wellness innovator from our US headquarters’ hometown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Restoration Hardware is another iconic brand known for sophisticated yet comfortable designs. Like Technogel, this company caters to discerning consumers who appreciate luxury when seeking ways to improve the look and comfort of their homes. With its fresh take on vintage home furnishings, Restoration Hardware combines a classic aesthetic with modern luxury – a timeless blend that resonates beautifully with its customers and has allowed this company to flourish, grow and remain resilient.

Not surprisingly, there’s an Italian company that offers us great inspiration as well. B & B Italia has undoubtedly helped elevate the world’s regard for Italian design. It’s one of the reasons why the words “Made in Italy” translate to luxury. Like Technogel, this industry leader is committed to using innovations and research to design and fabricate high-end furniture that always accommodates newer trends. Company founder Piero Busnelli was regarded as a pioneer in making innovation core to the company’s process – something that revolutionized sitting and living, and that sets B & B Italia apart from its competitors today. With such like-minded leaders, it’s no wonder that Technogel’s CEO, Massimo Losio, is friends with B & B Italia’s CEO, Giorgio Busnelli.

The ideal blend of style, comfort and utility travels beyond the home to include leading brands like Brooks England, maker of what many serious cyclists believe is the quintessential bike saddle. Comfortable, durable and beautifully crafted, Brooks saddles are considered collectors’ items. Their classic, refined style carries through in marketing, advertising and consumer communications. Brooks has cultivated a cycling culture around form and function, and is revered by people for whom cycling is a way of life. Brooks’ cyclists aren’t just bike riders; they’re enthusiasts who rely on their bicycles to get around – and do it in style. Oh, and by the way, Brooks is a sister company of Technogel – and a very inspiring one, at that.

What list of brands that fuse style and function would be complete without a car company? Technogel believes there’s one that goes the extra mile – Tesla. We give props to this innovative company for having the vision and audacity to pioneer a high-end, high-performance electric car. Imagine an electric vehicle that’s both cool and feasible! Tesla pulls it off beautifully with a sporty sedan that competes with established brands like BMW and Mercedes – and at a fairly accessible price point. Known as the Model S, this gem is the first electric car to win the Motor Trend Car of the Year award. Consumer Reports gave it its highest car rating ever: 99 out of a 100. Now others want a piece of the action, and Tesla is licensing its technology. Slate magazine says of Tesla, “The electric car company is a little bit Apple, a little bit Google, and about to be huge.”  Technogel agrees this company will race to the top.

Technogel knows it’s not easy to create products that offer the perfect blend of comfort, beauty and exceptional functionality. Still, we’re passionate about achieving it every day, in everything we offer. And we applaud all the other companies who inspire us by relentlessly sticking to their vision of a world that can be made better through better product design.

To learn more about Technogel’s philosophy and discover a more vibrant and refreshing way of living, please visittechnogelworld.com and find a Technogel retailer near you. 

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