August 28, 2017

Why Technogel Sleeping is Cooler – the science of thermoregulation during Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping because you are too hot—or too cold—then you understand first-hand how temperature makes the difference between rested and restless. But, you may or may not know that sweating at night is natural for everyone.

When our circadian rhythm triggers a decrease in physical activity and temperature to facilitate resting, the body generates humidity in the form of perspiration. While the human sleep-wake cycle is part of our evolutionary makeup, the materials in your bed can either support or aggravate the body’s thermoregulation.

For example, a standard foam mattress contains a lot of air because foam is made by expanding during production—much like a cake during baking. All the small air chambers in foam act as insulation. That means that foam tends to trap the heat released from your body instead of helping to lower body temperature as needed. The result can be that we become warmer, and our body works harder to reduce its temperature—sweating being its go-to built-in air conditioner.

why Technogel is coolerTechnogel® is the only material used in bedding that is conforming and solid; it responds uniquely to your body. The conductivity and density of Technogel® means that it disperses your body heat to help you maintain a temperature that’s comfortable for sleeping. As your body cools down, Technogel® is taking the heat released instead of allowing it to recirculate (like foam). Through the duration of a night’s sleep, your body and the gel reach a balance.

A test conducted by the Sleep Medicine Center of the University of Turin at Le Molinette Hospital in Italy has shown that a mattress with a thick surface layer of Technogel® retains its cool feeling longer than the same mattress without Technogel®. But, the amount of time it takes the gel to equal your body temperature depends on factors such as room temperature, how much heat your body is releasing and the thickness of the Technogel® layer in the mattress.

Thanks to the combination of this cooling effect and conforming pressure-relief, the study done in Turin demonstrated that Technogel® can support as much as 45% more time in deep sleep and up to 35% less awakenings during the night. Learn more about the thermal properties of Technogel® at a your local authorized retailer and experience how inspiring up to 45% more deep sleep can be!

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