October 19, 2011

What is Technogel®?


  • is hypo-allergenic;
  • is odorless;
  • has shape memory;
  • is non-flammable;
  • is plasticizer-free;
  • does not expand with air, but remains compact;
  • is non-toxic and it does not irritate the skin;
  • is stable and long lasting;
  • adapts to body shape;
  • offers an excellent 3D pressure distribution
  • is a comfortable and soft support;
  • helps to avoid body overheating.

Technogel® is a unique “soft solid” material, combining together 3D deformation properties of a fluid and memory shape properties of a solid body. It is a completely non-toxic and stable polyurethane substance originally developed for medical purposes and currently used in a wide range of applications, which benefit from the comfort and added value it provides.

Technogel® is produced using an exclusive formula patented by Bayer Material Science, which is based in Germany. A worldwide exclusive license agreement, signed between Bayer and Royal Medica, allows the Technogel® company to manufacture, use, and commercialize – on an exclusive basis – the only polyurethane gel made without using oils or plasticizers. In fact, other soft-solid materials (i.e. silicon) are usually manufactured adding oil (often called “plasticizer”) to make a powder or a soft mass, rendering it soft. The outcome compound does not have chemical stability, which allows it to resist to compressions, frictions, aging, or high temperatures. Instead, Technogel® structure is stable due to its special molecule, which provides incredible stability and unique mechanical properties.

Technogel® is covered by a thin polyurethane film, which allows the naturally sticky Technogel® surface to lose its adhesive properties. The protection film (bio-compatible under ISO 10993-5-1-10 Regulations), as all the textile used to cover Technogel®’s products (certified under rigorous Oeko Tex standards), are hypo-allergenic and provide an hygienic surface to lie on. The Technogel® products are designed and tested (under several industry specs) to resist intense mechanical stress. The “naked” pieces of gel used as samples in the displays can be damaged by incorrect handling. However, even if the film breaks, the material won’t leak nor will it spread, as it is not liquid. The only perceivable difference will be a sticky surface on the damaged area.

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