December 22, 2011



Kicco, who was looking for some new plastics for the frames of his works, suggested to check out and what we were looking for was just in front of us. Ok. Now, what to do with it? And the answer was still in front of us: hanging on the wall there was a Yoruba bronze mask which I brought in Nigeria and I wanted to give a modern interpretation to it. After contacting Technogel, we went to visit the Company and started working on the maquette, which was ready in June 2007 and started the first production in July 2007. Fifty pieces in 5 different colors.

Yoruba: People of Nigeria

The Yoruba Culture is little known outside of Nigeria and mine is a tribute to this extraordinary culture. The main Yoruba city was Benin, in Nigeria but there were several cities famous for the production of sophisticated bronze made art pieces and Ife was for sure one of those. At the time the original mask was produced, bronze was high-tech. I have re-interpreted a classic Yoruba Bronze Mask with another high-tech material: Technogel."

Enrico Furlan
(Designer and architect)
Title: Wazobia (gel mask)
Author: Enrico Furlan
Year: 2007
Technogel: mask

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