December 05, 2013

The Making of Technogel

Thanks to more than 20 years of innovative German engineering and Italian design, we’ve created something truly exciting -- the next wave in ergonomics. And it all began with an unusual substance and one man’s dream…

From Royal Medica to “royal comfort”
In 1990, Massimo Losio, founder of Royal Medica, saw the incredible potential of a unique new gel created by Bayer Material Science. Bayer was already using the gel to make comfortable cushions for long-stay hospital patients. Losio had the vision to do much more with this innovative material.

Joining with the Milan, Italy, Polytechnic Bio-engineering Institute, Royal Medica designed a cushion with special geometric features that maximized the gel’s elasto-mechanical properties. A whole new line of medical products was born. Royal Medica released a complete range of wheelchair cushions, operating theatre tables and various supports for disabled people. In no time, the company became a well-known producer in the medical and gel industry.

Expanding on a great idea
In 1995, Royal Medica began broadening its gel applications to bring more comfortable products to other industries. For the office furniture market, the company produced seat cushions, armrests and ergonomic accessories for personal computers. For footwear manufacturers, it produced comfortable insoles and inserts.

Always improving
A few years later, Royal Medica joined with Otto Bock GmbH to create the Technogel company that exists today. Thanks to further research and the expertise of Otto Bock technicians, Technogel improved considerably, offering new benefits such as reduced weight, transparency, the addition of colors, a wider range of softness and improved durability.

The company began to expand on its mission to “make the world more comfortable” by developing applications for other fields, such as industrial components for vibration dampening, automotive parts and bike seats. The groundbreaking application of Technogel to mattresses and pillows created a new company division called Technogel Sleeping, which is now producing and distributing high-end sleeping products all around the world.

A material that continues to fascinate
Today, Technogel is capturing the imagination of architects, designers and artists with its unusual elastic properties. This unique gel is being used more and more in architecture, design and art to reflect the current trend towards comfortable lifestyles. Technogel products have been proudly displayed at important events and venues, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Triennale and Fuorisalone in Milan, and the International Motorshow of Geneva and Tokyo, among others.

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