September 24, 2015

Stages of Sleep What happens to your body at each phase of sleep?

At Technogel, we take a good night’s sleep seriously. Since humans spend up to 30% of the day sleeping, it’s an important and essential part of our lives. Have you ever wondered what happens to your body and mind during sleep? Here is a breakdown of the stages of sleep.

Stage 0 – Awake

Stage 0 is the 15-16 hours we spend alert and functioning as we go about our daily activities.

Stage 1 – Falling Asleep

In Stage 1, we are crossing over the threshold between sleep and wakefulness and may be easily awakened by lights or sounds. Some people may experience an involuntary jerking in muscles and a sensation of falling at this stage.

Stage 2 – Light Sleep

As we begin to unwind at bedtime, our bodies begin to relax. Breathing and heart rate begin to decrease and our body temperature soon falls. At this stage, a lower room temperature or the cooling comfort of a Technogel pillow or mattress could help the onset of sleep occur more quickly.

Stages 3 & 4 – Deep Sleep

Your deepest levels of sleep occur in these stages. Your breathing and heart rate slows and your body begins to recover. Tissue growth occurs at this stage and your energy levels are restored. Another benefit of Technogel®, tests have proven that Technogel® enhanced mattresses can help you spend up to 45% more time in these stages.

REM – Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

REM sleep generally occurs about 90 minutes after you have fallen asleep and reoccurs throughout the night lasting longer at each onset. Like it’s name implies, your eyes will begin to move quickly in this stage. Breathing and heart rate will increase and your brain becomes more active. At this phase, you may experience vivid dreaming.

While it may seem like we’re idle while we’re sleeping that is far from wasted time. In actuality, our body systems are hard at work making sure that we wake up inspired, ready to face a new day.

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