March 24, 2014

Some Health Problems Could Be Created - And Cured - By Your Mattress

We’ve all experienced a night of tossing and turning. But when you feel constantly fatigued or are suffering from neck, shoulder, hip or back pain, the culprit may be right under your nose—and, actually, your whole body. Reality is, your mattress and pillow may be at the root of health problems such as aches, insomnia, tiredness, muscle fatigue and even acid reflux. 

Sound like something you can relate to? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Last year, 81% of Americans reported waking up with back, neck or shoulder pain¹. 

While insomnia may be the result of a sleep disorder such as apnea, excessive awakenings during the night may be due to discomfort. You wake up because there’s too much pressure on your joints. Or your neck hurts. Or you’re too hot. You change positions. You flip over. And in the morning, you wake up tired. 

And it’s not just about feeling “tired.” The impact is biochemical: hormones and compounds involved in your body’s energy production process help regulate and are influenced by sleep. Research also shows that sleep problems are intertwined with depression and mood disorders². 

Many scientific studies reveal how proper sleep is essential to our wellbeing. Poor sleep leads to low energy during the day, which may affect your mood, your physical and mental performance, your hunger levels and, ultimately, your happiness. Adequate rest helps us think more clearly, react more quickly, feel better and look better; without it, our jobs, safety and joy in life can suffer.

Poor sleep is serious stuff. Don’t take it lying down.

While eight hours of sleep per night is a good guideline to follow, it’s important to acknowledge the difference between quantity and quality of sleep. Many people put in the hours in bed, but remain sleep deprived because of a number of factors that may be interrupting their sleep cycles. 

An unsupportive pillow can seriously disrupt sleep, causing neck and cervical pain, and possibly putting your spine out of alignment. While moving during sleep is common and healthy (adults change position 12 times per night on average), mattresses that are too firm or too soft can cause joint stress and pain, leading to excessive awakenings and movement. 

So, here’s the question: could your mattress and pillow be culprits in your health problems? If you’re suffering from joint pain, insomnia or fatigue, maybe your body is telling you it’s time for better support. 

Let’s start with your mattress. 

Is it more than 8-10 years old? If so, it’s probably seen better days. An old, worn or unsupportive mattress may cause or aggravate health issues. Too many people sleep on a bed that is well beyond its intended lifespan or not properly suited to their needs.

Now, about that pillow.

If you fold it in half, does it spring back into shape? If not, time for a new one. Make sure it isn’t too thick and doesn’t raise your head too far above your body. You want to keep your body in a neutral position, so your neck is comfortable and your esophagus is angled above your stomach to help digestion and avoid acid reflux.

Having a quality, comfortable mattress and pillow that fit your body and provides adequate support can make a big difference in terms of alleviating aches, discomfort and insomnia. Some people even find that a supportive, comfortable bed actually makes those problems disappear like a bad dream.

Technogel is on a mission to make the world more comfortable

Sleep systems like Technogel mattresses and pillows offer proven superior ergonomic support. In a recent survey of people currently sleeping on a Technogel mattress, 3 out of 4 say they would recommend Technogel to family and friends. And if that’s not enough to convince you, consider the real stories of pro-athletes, celebrities and people from all walks of life who have already discovered a new way of living with Technogel. What are they raving about? The cool, comfortable support that helps them sleep better.

What gets you out of bed?

Good sleep is essential to good health. So an ergonomic sleep system is an investment in you. Replace mattresses and pillows at recommended intervals, and choose products that will help optimize your sleep, so you feel vibrant, refreshed and ready to tackle each day.


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