November 27, 2017

Uncovering the Hero in Each of Us

Flying across the skies in a red cape, effortlessly balancing a car on their fingers or crawling up city walls like a spider—we have numerous role models for tremendous superpowers. In comic books, movies, and all around us, we can see men and women crossing the boundaries of what seems humanly possible.

Even though many superpowers may forever be confined to the world of fiction, we shouldn’t let that discourage us. Each one of us has our own unique and extraordinary superpowers inside. All we have to do is learn to treasure them and to enable them to develop a little more each day. For instance, with the help of good sleep!

We asked three super members of the Technogel team to reveal their very own superpower, how important good sleep is for the development of their unique skill, which additional special power they wish they had, and their favorite Technogel Sleeping products for staying fully charged.Technogel Superheroes of Sleep

Maria (Sales Manager for Spain, Portugal and South America):

  1. My superpower is being curious. There is always something new to discover, to do, someone new to meet, some place to visit!
  2. Good sleep is a must. To be able to enjoy the wonders of the world you need to be well rested :)
  3. I aspire to be able to speak all the languages in the world so that I could get to know many different cultures and places!!!
  4. I swear by the Estasi mattress and the Contour pillow.

Alberto (Designer, Product Development):

  1. I do Karate. It might not be an official superpower, but it’s surely that kind of sport which I’m really good at and which I enjoyed improving.
  2. Healthy and refreshing sleep, nutrition and training always have to be balanced for athletes. Not only the quantity of sleep is important, but especially the quality of sleep.
  3. I would love to be able to time travel. For example, seeing how our planet, our cities and our culture will be in hundreds or thousands of years.
  4. The Favola mattress and the Deluxe pillow give me the deepest sleep.

Chiara (Marketing):

  1. My superpower is to look at the bright side of things, because hopefully there is always something good in what’s happening or in the people you meet along the way.
  2. Quality sleep is extremely important. Sleeping well and enough helps waking up with a big smile on your face. No matter what!
  3. It would be incredible to be able to fly: no more morning traffic or busy streets, from now on it's all up and away!
  4. The Contour pillow and Estasi mattress help keep me positive.

There’s one superpower that everyone on the Technogel team has in common (by the way): we do our best each day to give people the most comfortable and restful sleep of their lives.

Have you tried Technogel mattresses and pillows yet? Which superpower do they awaken in you?

And, if you don’t already wake up feeling like you can move mountains, discover Technogel and experience the inspiring power of great sleep.

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