March 13, 2014

Designers And Architects Find Inspiration In An Unusual Place: Gel mattresses

Gel mattresses support a good night’s sleep for thousands of people, even helping those prone to sore backs or aching joints. But the magic of those mattresses also has artistic types dreaming of innovative designs. Imagine tables, jewelry, chairs, lamps and more created with the substance that makes gel mattresses so rejuvenating -- Technogel, a moldable, soft solid whose rich jewel-tones are beautifully translucent.  

Technogel has long been used to make ordinary objects more comfortable. Think surgery beds. Bicycle seats. Office chairs. Places where people need ergonomic support to ease pain at pressure points. But founder, Massimo Losio, knew Technogel could do so much more. Driven by his personal passion for creative expression, Losio challenged the art and design community to find new ways to use this unique substance.

Inviting contemporary artists to experiment with the soft solid was an innovative idea to promote an innovative material. Artists are encouraged to work with Technogel’s researchers to adapt the original formula to suit their creations. Famous designers and architects like Philippe Starck, Gaby Fois Dorell and Rem Koolhaas have transformed furnishings. Humanscale, Vitra, Jacuzzi and other icons of ergonomic design are inspired as well. 

Amazing ideas have been born – some of which made their way from designer showrooms to restaurants to museum floors, including exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

You can see and touch and even buy many of these creations for yourself. 

Want cool, comfortable seating? For Zanotta, designer Werner Aisslinger created Soft, a chaise longue with a blue or amber gel cushion atop an aluminum and fiberglass grid. Saporiti Italia made the Voyager Bench and Voyager Nest chaise longue, wonderfully organic, relaxing shapes made of molded Technogel on an aluminum base. Architect Rem Koolhaas used the comfortable material for gel seating when designing the Prada New York Epicenter Store in Manhattan. And Karim Rashid specified Technogel benches when designing Nooch, a NYC restaurant. 

Tables are also available with Technogel. The material adds a soft touch to Philippe Starck’s “Jelly Slice” table, a bright yellow creation he designed for Driade. 

Could baths be more relaxing with Technogel? Jacuzzi believes so. Their Aquasoul spa tubs feature Technogel head rests. So does the Rossovivo tub from Albatros. And Agape sells a “Soft” series of soap dishes and bath mats made of Technogel.

After freshening up in the morning, get dressed and slip on a pair of Berluti shoes or Harry’s of London Jet Mocs with the cushiony support of Technogel. 

Heading to the office? A long day of work doesn’t feel so bad in Humanscale, Haworth and Vitra office chairs that feature gel seats and some with gel arm rests too. 

On a lighter note, Technogel shines as a whimsical cat lamp offered by Casamania.

Breaking the Mold

Noteworthy designers, architects and artists from around the world have embraced the unique qualities of Technogel to create works of art that inspire, soothe, rejuvenate and relax us. 

So look – and feel – around you. And don’t be surprised to find Technogel in places beyond sublimely comfortable mattresses and pillows. And speaking of sleep, why not experience the rejuvenating feeling of Technogel Sleeping for yourself? Who knows? Maybe you’ll wake up refreshed and inspired to create cool new ideas, products and art forms.

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