January 02, 2017

How to Create the Ultimate Sleep Sanctuary

The bedroom is a very special place. When you consider that around 33% of our lives are spent sleeping, this space in our home becomes more than just a room.

Our bedrooms are our refuge where we go to regenerate our minds and bodies every day. This is why they cannot be treated like a kitchen or a living room. So here are some tips to create an ultimate sleep sanctuary where you can effectively rest and gather new energy for the days ahead. 

First, make sure that you feel comfortable and completely at ease in the bedroom. Drafts, clutter, bright light or cold floors can all detract from a relaxing ambience. Decorate your space with thick curtains that dampen sound and light from outside, soft rugs, cozy furniture, warm lighting, pillows and blankets. Be practical in your choices, but also have fun and make the room an expression of your personality. The bedroom should be a peaceful retreat that you love going to—it's your happy place. 

Leave the distractions of daily life outside: smartphones, laptops and TVs are not good bedfellows. Our evening routine should signal to our bodies that it's time to slow down. At the end of a long day, or any time your body is begging you for sleep, it is important to have a dedicated place to unwind.

Ultimate Sleep Sanctuary

An email, an exciting film, or breaking news can quickly make you restless and literally rob you of your sleep. But if you make sure your bedroom is consistently calming and free of unpleasant interruptions then you should feel a sense of relief each time you enter.  

Deep sleep is essential to recharge your batteries for the day. And your bed is the centerpiece of your sleep sanctuary. If you suffer from back pain, sweat at night, or toss and turn trying to get comfortable, then you will not get the rest you need. A thoughtfully curated sleep sanctuary with a Technogel Sleeping mattress and pillows that are fitted for you can help make falling asleep and staying asleep much easier.

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