July 10, 2017

Tips for Comfortable, Rejuvenating Bike Trips

comfortable bike rideSummer weather is perfect inspiration to go out for extended bike rides. Long, warm days and vacation time are ideal to explore your surroundings—near and far. While some of us take it easy, enjoying casual rides with the family, others prefer an athletic challenge. Whether your bike rides are a leisurely or ambitious endeavor, follow these tips and best practices to help ensure they'll be pure summer fun.


Summer weather can change quickly, especially in the mountains and near the water. Avoid frustration and sickness with a good, packable raincoat and waterproof clothing. Also make sure that your backpack and panniers can withstand a heavy rain shower without leaking or damage. Accidents happen: so remember to carry a small first-aid kit. A spare tube, pump and patch kit are also important (because no tire is indestructible)!


Fuel your body with a rich, balanced breakfast before you head out for a long ride. And pack healthy snacks such as apples, carrots and pumpkin seeds for your breaks. Even more important than a quenched appetite is enough fluids: 2 to 3 liters per day are generally sufficient—more when it’s hot, if you're working your body hard, or you also drink coffee.


While long bike rides can be a rejuvenating off-grid escape from hectic society, you should have ID and a credit card on you for emergencies. Even if you use a GPS or app on your phone for navigation, it’s good to pack a paper map, in case your device runs out of power or you're in areas with weak or no reception.

Rest & Recovery

In addition to good planning, a restful night before cycling is important. Deep sleep prepares you to deal with the demands of the day and helps reduce the risk of stress and injury on your ride. Then, after a strenuous day out on the bike, remember to stretch and give your body a sufficient break to recover.

When it comes to a comfortable and invigorating cycling trip, the unique properties of Technogel provide cushioned support from the saddle of your bike to the deep and restful nights' sleep you get in between.

What's your secret to enjoying a refreshing day out on your bike? 


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