July 24, 2017

4 Ways to Make the Most of Every Summer Day

Make the Most of SummerSummer days are full of potential. Whether you take the boat out on the lake with friends, enjoy an outdoor concert or go camping in the mountains—long, beautiful summer days are perfect for exciting adventures. To help you take full advantage of the season, here are four ways your summer nights can help make great(er) summer days.


The foundation for an inspiring and exciting day is a restful night. You need to rest at night to gather strength for what's ahead. During deep sleep, our cells regenerate, our metabolism is at work, and the brain processes our experiences and creates space for new ideas. But, if the Summer heat leaves you lying awake at night, take inventory of your bedroom décor and bedding to make sure you have created the optimal sleep climate.


Of course, nutritious foods also help power our bodies. When warm summer weather peaks, keep your diet fresh and hydrating by eating mostly fruits and vegetables. A balanced dinner is best eaten in the early evening, so that a full stomach and the digestive process don’t disturb your night's sleep.


Even though you might want to relax in the air conditioning, remember to spend some time moving every day. Physical activity and sleep work in synergy: studies indicate that exercise can help you sleep better and restful sleep helps your body recover and rejuvenate! If you’re an early-bird or someone who experiences post-workout insomnia, take advantage of morning energy and cooler temperatures to exercise first thing when you wake-up. If evenings are when it’s most convenient for you, don’t skip that workout, but do make sure you have enough time to unwind before going to bed.


And don’t let the long, fun-filled days make you neglect your internal clock. The more consistently you stick to your bedtime routine and when you get up in the morning, the better your body will be at falling asleep each night and waking up refreshed to make the most of each day!

What’s your favorite tip for staying energized during warm, long summer days?

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