November 06, 2017

Three Sports that Awaken Your Inner Superpowers

Happy and successful people have long benefitted from the wealth of advantages that come with having a healthy confidence. Positive self-esteem is not only important to mental health, it also helps you to be more comfortable in social situations and to take on the challenges of daily life with more energy and ambition. Confidence helps you thrive in relationships, career pursuits and everyday life.

Awaken Your Inner SuperpowersWhile personal achievements help reinforce your sense of self-assurance, these successes do not need to be extraordinary feats. Incorporating sports into your routine is a simple, powerful way to build confidence. Sports strengthen your body more than just physically: regular exercise helps to reduce stress, sharpen mental focus, boost self-image and improve quality of sleep at night. So, here are 3 physical activities that are fun to practice and build your confidence to help you become the best version of yourself.

  1. Martial Arts

    You can’t think of martial arts without thinking of Bruce Lee with his razor sharp physique, unbreakable poise and monumental fighting and entertainment skills. Bruce Lee, the “father of mixed martial arts”, shows us that this sport is more than just a hobby—it is a way of life that transforms you both physically and mentally. Taking on martial arts classes such as Karate, Kung Fu or Kickboxing will give you the confidence that you can achieve anything that you set your mind on doing. The number of kicking, punching and blocking techniques and the strength of your opponents may be overwhelming at first. However, practicing martial arts trains you to focus and perform under pressure and “conditions” your confidence with every class. The more you learn and the stronger you become, the more this sport teaches you the power of determination. 

    Then, after a day of superhero-like stunts, you can rest assured you will sleep well. Martial arts helps you to release negative energy and supports endorphin production, so you can feel more relaxed at the end of the day. Especially if you experience problems falling and staying asleep, consider starting martial arts classes as part of a healthy sleep routine.

  2. Dance

    Does the mere thought of squats and push-ups make you cringe? If you are the type of person who hates weight-lifting circuits and repetitive classes at the gym, you may want to consider dancing. Ballet, jazz or contemporary dance are great creative outlets with focus on coordination and form. Dancing works all major muscle groups, gradually building up your strength and flexibility. With regular practice, you move more gracefully, tone your muscles and improve your posture.

    Research has proven that a confident stance and tall, uplifted posture not only influences the way others perceive you but also directly affects the way you feel about yourself—better posture is correlated with a more positive outlook and a stronger self-image. So relevé, mambo, and leap your way to a more empowered you. 

  3. Yoga

    While many sports are high-intensity and involve competitive challenges, Yoga is more focused on you as an individual and your personal improvement. The goal of this ancient practice is to learn how to bring your body and mind into harmony. Each pose is done mindfully and at your own pace by concentrating on your breath. As you are building your practice step-by-step, you will notice how your body and mind are not independent but, rather, directly influencing one another. And, each time you step onto your Yoga mat, you will notice your body easing into deeper and more difficult poses. Every new pose you master is a new success that also incrementally reinforces your confidence!

    Another important benefit of Yoga is the meditative breathing exercises that can train you to manage your reaction to stress. Learning how to calm yourself down helps reduce negative side-effects of anxiety and, as a result, can help you sleep better! When practiced long-term, Yoga can be very effective in alleviating sleeping problems.

Self-improvement is a continual process. Staying in great shape is one part of this journey towards a healthier, happier you. Far too often, however, we only focus on the physical benefits of exercise and neglect the effects that sports can have on our mental well-being. As you get stronger and fitter each week, set new personal goals for yourself and build on your accomplishments to also become a more confident and happier person overall.

As always, remember that quality sleep is integral to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Those who cultivate a healthy self-esteem and habits to cope with stress, go to bed calmer and sleep better through the night. And, a comfortable, supportive bed helps ensure a restful slumber that rejuvenates you to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead. Visit an authorized Technogel retailer to learn more about the benefits of deep sleep and how our patented gel pillows and mattresses can help you wake up inspired and energized.

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