April 06, 2018

10 minutes with... Audrey Cordon-Ragot

We asked professional cyclist and French time trial champion 2017, Audrey Cordon-Ragot, for an exclusive interview. Why she needs her "Bretagne specials", what she does to perform best and which are her personal sleep habits you'll read in our newest blog post "10 minutes with Audrey Cordon-Ragot".

When did you decide to become a professional cyclist?

I think my family lifestyle decided for me. My dad and uncle were cyclists and I did my first steps on a cycling course, so, I could be nothing else than a cyclist. 

How do you manage your daily training?

Being a cyclist is living sport at 100%. I eat, sleep and train - this is my general routine. Depending the period, I train between 9 and 20 hours a week, but it can be more during a training camp or an off-race period. I practice running, swimming and do fitness sessions as a complement of my usual training in winter and I really like mountain biking and cycle-cross to develop my self-confidence on the bike. Recovery is obviously also a big factor of performances. That’s why I give a particular importance in sleeping, eating and refreshing my mind as good as possible.

How do you handle your nutrition in order to perform best?

In my opinion the most important aspect is to be balanced. Being a cyclist is not only pedaling, you continuously need to fuel your organism with quality food. I like to take my time to choose and make my meals. I’m a gourmand and I like healthy food with veggies and fruits of the season and good fresh meat from the butcher. I’m not a big fan of pasta and rice outside of races. I rather privilege some aliments like chickpeas, cereals which are rich in proteins. Once a week, I also like to eat my “Bretagne specials” - galettes and crêpes - because “happy stomach, happy rider.” 

Do you have any specific sleep habits or sleep tips?

My bed is probably the place I like the most. I like keeping my bedroom fresh (around 17 degrees) and lying under my fluffy blanket. Further, I always make sure to have some water on my night table and I drink a herbal tea with some honey before going to sleep in order to make sure that my hydration is perfect.

What are your personal rituals before an important race?

Before an important race I make sure that my race bag is packed and my number is pinned on my race jersey before going to sleep. I make sure to receive a good tonic back and leg massage and to drink my 1.5l of water with some electrolytepowder in it. Usually, I don’t go to sleep super early. Instead, I watch a film or some series to keep my thoughts away from the race. In the morning, I take some time to pimp my porridge and to have a bigger breaky than normal. This is my last pleasure before the “war”.

Side, back or stomach sleeper?

Right side to fall asleep and stomach when I wake up in the morning.

How many hours of sleep you need on average?

Between 8 and 9 hours, but it can happen that I sleep for 10 hours if I’m really tired.

The first thing you do once awake?

Looking at my phone.

Early bird or morning grouch?

Early bird. I like to have a long day to do everything I need to.

And what's for breakfast?

At home it’s French style: fresh bread, salted butter, jam dip into my coffee. With the team it’s a porridge party everyday topped with different berries, nuts and seeds.

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