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Technogel® has long been invigorating everyday experiences with cool cushioning and superior ergonomic support—from wheelchairs and medical treatments, to cycling, sitting, walking, and sleeping. We’re passionate about revolutionizing everyday experiences. And we continue our tradition of innovation so you can live healthier, happier, and more inspired. Now we share our inspiration with you: the benefits that only Technogel® can provide, to help you enjoy life made comfortable.


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What makes this innovative gel so perfect for so many applications? Find out why everyone from architects and artists to engineers, athletes and manufacturers are utilizing Technogel in new and creative ways.

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About the Team

Founded in 1990 by Massimo Losio, Technogel has grown into an international family of scientists, of engineers, creatives, analysts, craftspeople, dreamers. Most importantly, we're a team united by a commitment to making the world more comfortable. 

Massimo Losio

From Royal Medica to “royal comfort”-- a material that continues to fascinate. In 1990, Massimo Losio discovered a unique gel created by Bayer Material Science while he was seeking a solution for a friend bound to a wheelchair. Bayer was using the gel to make comfortable cushions for long-stay hospital patients. Losio had the vision to do much more. Soon, a whole new line of medical products was born under the name Royal Medica.

Matteo Mason

While continuing to serve as an executive of Selle Royal S.p.A.—a world leader in manufacturing bicycle components—Massimo Losio has grown Royal Medica well beyond medical applications. The addition of Matteo Mason to lead research and development strengthened the capabilities of the company and began a new era of pioneering gel technology across a range of industries.