Seat Pads

From 9 to 5 and Route 1 to 66, you spend a lot of your days sitting; you should be smiling too. Technogel® Living seating supports reinforce proper posture and provide the ultimate cool comfort for your tailbone and lower back. First developed for the medical field, Technogel is an innovative, soft-solid material that conforms in three directions, providing the perfect amount of cushion to relieve pressure. By molding this unique gel with memory foam, we create Technogel Living products that offer superior support and comfort all day long. So you stay relaxed and tension free round-the-clock and from highway to byway.

Lumbar Support
Seat Pad

Reinforce your spine’s natural curvature with cooling gel so that prolonged sitting no longer means discomfort and strain in your lower back.

Chair Lumbar Support On the Go Ergonomic Back Support
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