VIVE Anatomic Curve

A sumptuous neck pillow with 2 loft heights and an ergonomically curved surface provides the superior support you need and the first-class comfort you deserve.

Key Features & Benefits

Back and Side Sleepers

A good fit for medium-to-large built back or side sleepers—and those who roll between the two.

Versatile Neck Pillow

The flexibility of 2 loft heights and an ergonomically curved surface is popular among those who suffer neck, back or shoulder pain.

Comfortable Support & Relief

All Technogel® pillows are ergonomically designed to keep your head, neck and spine aligned. Match the shape and height with your sleep position and shoulder width to find the one that fits just right for you.

Enhanced Breathability and Cooling Effect

A patent pending design features an array of top-to-bottom air tunnels that enhance Technogel®’s naturally high thermal conductivity so you stay cool, comfortable and sound asleep.

Soft, Cashmere Zipper Cover

A soft cashmere “winter” cover provides an extra touch of luxurious coziness that always gives you the option to remove it for maximum cooling effect. Either way, please remember to always use a pillowcase.

For Your Health

Technogel® is the only polyurethane gel made without plasticizer oils—it’s non-toxic, virtually odorless, and resists hardening or softening due to temperature or age. It's a biocompatible and resilient patented soft-solid gel. Which means you simply lie down and let your cares drift away.

VIVE Anatomic Curve Pillow Details

A sumptuous neck pillow that delivers the superior support you need and the first-class comfort you deserve. Specially designed to help promote proper spinal alignment, the Technogel Sleeping VIVE™ Anatomic pillow is crafted with those suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain in mind. An ergonomically curved surface featuring two different supporting height options makes this neck pillow a good fit for medium to large built back or side sleepers—and those who roll between the two!

From our hearts and hands, we deliver the most innovative and luxurious gel pillow to your heads. Because luxury is not always about living in excess, it's about finding things that enrich your life. Find an authorized Technogel® pillow retailer and stop by a store near you to transform your bedroom into the ultimate sleep sanctuary!

  • — Thick Technogel layer molded to memory foam
  • — Enhanced Breathability
  • — Luxurious cashmere cover
  • — Biocompatible
  • — Superior Comfort
  • — Ergonomic Support
  • — International patent pending design


  • Available Size
  • 26 x 16.5 x 4.5 in

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    What others think about the VIVE Anatomic Curve

    “I recently replaced my tired Technogel Anatomic pillow with the VIVE Anatomic. What a lovely pillow. Like the Anatomic, it supports my neck and cradles my head on a firm yet resilient surface. I very much appreciate the extra cooling gel of the VIVE line. If I wake up and the gel has become warm from the heat of my face and head, I can just scoot over a bit and once again drift off in coolness. The contour shape seems to provide more surface area for my head than the Original Anatomic did. In addition, the customer service folks went above and beyond what I expected to make sure that I was a happy Technogel customer, and I most assuredly am. Thank you, Technogel!!”

    Jane, Tulsa OK.