Deluxe Thin

A low profile pillow designed to support proper spinal alignment, especially for thin, petite people or stomach sleepers in search of more comfort.

Key Features & Benefits

Low Height

At 3.5” in height, this is among the thinnest support pillows on the market, providing a sturdy, low-profile option that may satisfy even those who sometimes prefer to sleep without a pillow.

Enhanced Breathability and Cooling Effect

A patent pending design features an array of top-to-bottom air tunnels that enhance Technogel®’s naturally high thermal conductivity so you stay cool, comfortable and sound asleep.

Soft Removable Zipper Cover

Leave the zipped “winter” cover on for added coziness, or take it off to maximize the cooling effect of Technogel®. Either way, please remember to always use a pillowcase.

Back or Stomach Sleepers

Adapting like water but with the support of a solid, Technogel® reacts uniquely to your body to ease pressure; offering a refreshing choice for those with smaller body conformation, stomach sleepers or those who are often bothered by the feeling of a pillow.

Ergonomic Support

All Technogel® pillows are ergonomically designed to keep your head, neck and spine aligned. Match the shape and height with your sleep position and shoulder width to find the one that fits just right for you.

A Healthy Choice

Technogel® is the only polyurethane gel made without plasticizer oils—it’s non-toxic, virtually odorless, and resists hardening or softening due to temperature or age. It's a biocompatible and resilient patented soft-solid gel. Which means you simply lie down and let your cares drift away.

Deluxe Thin Pillow Details

Designed to support proper spinal alignment, the Deluxe Thin is a sturdy, lower profile option for those with smaller body conformation. It’s a refreshing choice for stomach sleepers in search of more comfort; and it may even satisfy sleepers who sometimes prefer lying without a pillow!

Technogel’s patented gel is molded seamlessly to a memory foam base in an innovative new design that harmonizes with your body to create the ultimate sleep system. But, feeling is believing. Find an authorized Technogel® pillow retailer and stop by a store near you to discover something more extraordinary than the rest.

  • — Medical grade, non-toxic gel & virtually odorless
  • — Technogel co-molded with memory foam
  • — Soft "winter" cover can be removed and washed (directions on tag)
  • — Made in Italy
  • Dimensions
  • 26 x 16 x 3.54 in (Standard)

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    What others think about the Deluxe Thin

    “I have searched everywhere for a good pillow. I have bought many expensive pillows and spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the years trying to find the perfect one for me. I finally heard of the technogel pillow and thought I would give it a try, I was skeptical because I had tried so many before. The first night I tried the petite pillow in between my knees for proper alignment and the deluxe pillow under my head. I started on my right side. I usually switch between my side and back all throughout the night. I woke up the next morning and was shocked to realize that I had stayed in that same position the whole night! I never do that! I was so comfortable that my body didn't need to toss and turn all night. I woke up feeling so refreshed and my neck finally did not hurt! The technogel pillow also kept my head cool and comfortable all night long. I have been so excited that I finally found the perfect pillow that I went the next day and bought my husband and three kids their own technogel pillow, cause I want us to all have amazing sleep. It's so much more important than we all realize and we spend a lot more time sleeping than anything else, so it's definitely worth the money to me. I want to eventually get the technogel mattress to go with our pillows. I also told a bunch of my friends and family and they are going to purchase them too. Trust me, you will not be sorry.”

    Rebekah, Amarillo, TX.

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