Now is the time to put those restless nights to bed. The Technogel® Sleeping Lab collection is designed with extra care for specific sleeping needs. Each pillow features our medical-grade proprietary Technogel combined with a high-quality memory foam base in a patented, ventilated design. Transform your bed into a spa-like retreat with the comfort of proven ergonomic support and benefits of better sleep from Technogel®’s team of scientists, engineers, makers, and dreamers. With two pillow sizes for Back Sleepers and three pillow sizes for Side Sleepers, you can find just the right one to offer you all the cooling ergonomic support you need. These pillows are available exclusively at Relax the Back locations across the U.S. Please visit our store locator to find a Relax the Back location close to you.

Lab Pillow

The huggable butterfly design of the Technogel Side Pillow tapers in the middle so you can rest your head and arm where they're most comfortable.

Huggable butterfly shape loved by side sleepers Cool comfort of Technogel molded with memory foam Ergonomic Support
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Lab Pillow

Designed primarily for back sleepers while providing support while turning to your side. The unique cradling allows ease of movement from back to side and to back again.

Uniquely designed for back sleepers Multiple sizes available to fit unique body types. Ergonomic Design
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CPAP Pillow
Lab Pillow

The CPAP Pillow has been specifically designed to help sleepers with OSA during CPAP therapy laying on their preferred sleeping positon.

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