Technogel® has long been invigorating everyday experiences with cool cushioning and superior ergonomic support—from wheelchairs and medical treatments, to cycling, sitting, walking, and sleeping. Continuing in our tradition of innovation, we’re the first and only brand of mattresses featuring a thick layer of patented gel. Based on expertise from 23 years of making life more comfortable with gel, Technogel® has revolutionized mattresses with cool, comfortable support that is scientifically proven to help you sleep better. And now we share our inspiration with you: the benefits that only Technogel® can provide, to help you enjoy a more refreshing way of living.

Original Collection

Wake up inspired on the first and only brand of gel mattresses with a thick layer of body conforming Technogel®. A range of 3 different core constructions are designed to suit a variety of preferences for firm or soft beds.

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VIVE Collection

More gel in a mattress than ever before means more conforming support! Pamper yourself with sublime sleep. Comfort is the new luxury.

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